Sunday, October 01, 2006

Herbst Fest

Last Thursday we went as a family to the Herbst Fest which means the Fall Festival. The Fests are fun to go to, but don't have too much to offer. No animals to see or Hypnotists to watch, but they are a fun family outing. We got there just in time for dinner and I was very surprised by the table we sat at. You would have thought we were in a fancy restaurant, but no, we were in the middle of the Fair Grounds. I had steak with sauteed onions and it was fantastic. The boys ate bratwurst and corn on the cob. And Steve choose CurryWurst which is cut up bratwurst with a curry sauce on it. Yum!

Steve and Steven went in to this house of mirrors which was quite funny. You had to feel your way around or you would smack right into a mirror, which I saw a couple of people do. Steve got a good picture of Steven as a midgit and Steve if he were a beanpole. :)

This is a picture of a German Sweets Shop. They are at all festivals and sell lots of delicious treats.


Alicia said...

Looks like a great time! I love a "Fest" of any kind. Your meal sounds delicious (especially the curry) and that sweets shop looks even better. Now I definitely want to go to Germany.

happy family said...

That seems like it was a great family activity. Lots of good food and good fun. Too bad about the animals though - the kids always love to see animals. The State Fair is coming soon to our town, so we are planning on making a trip to Richmond in a couple of weeks - Daniel and Emma always love it!