Saturday, March 31, 2007

Decorating help

So, with half of my family coming this Spring/Summer, Steve and I have decided that maybe we should hang some pictures on the wall since we collect them every time we travel. We have decorated very little in the 6.5 years we have been married, so this is a big step for us. It is frustrating too, because I don't have a clue what I am doing. :)

Anyway, we need some advice. We have a picture that we got while we were in Italy, and Steve has made a frame for it (his new hobby). He is finished with the frame, but neither of us are happy with the color, because it matches the wall exactly. It will be easy to change colors since he just has to paint it, but we don't know what color to paint it.

I haven't cleaned the glass yet from Steve working with it, but the corner picture will give you a closer look at the picture and the color of the frame next to the wall. Please share your decorating talent with us!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Boys, Boys, Boys

Oh Yeah, and add one more boy to that list!

We went to the Dr. today to find out what our next child is going to be and he seems pretty confident that we will be having another boy!! I feel pretty confident that Steve and I are not capable of making a girl. I think we are making Papa Hughes wishes come true though. He was the only boy in a family of six kids, and then he had only one boy in a family of four kids. So, if it weren't for our great ability to produce boys, the Hughes name could have been lost. Now, we are almost guaranteeing at least another generation of Hughes.

So, how am I feeling you ask? Well, I will not lie, I am disappointed, and it makes me wonder why Heavenly Father does not want to send me a baby girl. But....I am not heart broken. I am really excited to have another baby, and I feel pretty confident that I am good at the boy thing. So, there goes hoping, and life goes on. We will love him just as much as our other crazy kids. Steve is thrilled. He does great with boys, and he likes to stick with things he is good at. Plus, he grew up with 3 sisters, so maybe this is all for him. Who knows?

Anyway, here are some pictures of breakfast this morning. I bought matching shirts for Steve and Steven because Steven loves to match his Dad. And this gives you an idea of what I am surrounded by, and it is going to increase by one now.

PS- I am feeling like unless there is a clear sign to me that I should have another, I am thinking this little boy will be our last baby. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

No more babies (for now)

I was all ready to post a great St. patrick's day blog, but we went to the pub a little late, and there were tons of people there watching a rugby match. Since we were looking for a place to eat and not a place to watch rugby we ended up not spending our holiday at the Irish pub. Oh well.

In other news. It is a big thing to me to realize I do not have any babies right now. I guess the next one will come just in the nick of time. Jacob has been doing Great with his new underwear. He has had no pee accidents since I trained him. He was having issues with the other, but he has figured that one out now too. My only complaint at this point is his timing. He only needs my help in the bathroom when he is going poop, and he only seems to do that just as I lay down to go to sleep. Every day without fail, I will have him go potty, then put him down for a nap. Then I will get on the computer for 5, 10, 15 minutes waiting for him to come out and say he has to go to the bathroom. He never does, so I eventually go upstairs and try to get a short nap. Every day, within 5 minutes of me laying down, it is all of a sudden the right time for him to go poop. OOHH it is driving me crazy. To make matters worse my room is on the third floor and his is on the second. But he is successful in the training, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Also, if you will remember the blog I put up a while ago with Jacob sleeping with 4 different binkis. Well, letting him be in charge of the binki's whereabouts has proved to be pretty unfortunate for him. Within a week or two of potty training him, we were putting him to bed, and we could not find any binki's anywhere. We looked for a while and then just gave up and told him it was lost (which it was). For a couple of nights afterwards, he asked for his binki as he was going to bed, and I still had not found one, and I wasn't about to go buy a new one, so sadly for him, his binki is now history. There has been no fighting or crying for it like there was with the other two. Just acceptance of the fact that he lost it. So, now new undies and no binki. The baby is officially gone.

I am adding a picture of Jacob's green underwear for two reasons. 1. I would still like to give some credit to this Holiday of Green wearing and pinching. 2. Laura gets such a kick out of the feminine looking German underwear. So, I thought she would like to see Jacob's booty in some.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Our Little Nathan

Just a couple of thoughts on our little 4 year old.

Nathan has definitely been my most challenging child. It is just because he is not passive or easy going. He lets you know what he wants and when he wants it. I remember he was quite a crier when he was a baby. The war in Iraq started about a week after he was born and made Steve work 12 hour days. So, I was home with the two boys in the evening. My darling Steven whom I loved to read stories to and sing songs to when I put him to bed, and my screaming baby boy Nathan. I finally decided that is too bad for Nathan if he wants to cry, I am going to read stories and sing. So, I would put him in his swing and let him cry for the 20 minutes it took me to get Steven ready for bed.

As Nathan has grown he still lets you know without a question what he is happy with and what he doesn't like. Because of his strong personality he is the child that many people enjoy the most. I have learned to love it as well. He has helped us come up with some new ways of discipling though. It is because of Nathans extremely loud screaming when playing or yelling or singing or anything for that matter that we started the hot sauce punishment. If he can't control his volume after being asked about 10 times, then he gets a little Tabasco on his tongue. It works quite well for any of you with the same sort of issues. :)

As far as his lovely qualities, he has many of them. He makes friends very easily because he will be friends with anyone. Even when they can't understand a word he is saying. He will often come up to me with a puppy dog look on his face and a sweet soft voice and say, "I love you Mom" and then give me a hug. Come to find out he has done that to his Nursery leaders too. He loves to do puzzles and is just starting to enjoy computer games, and watching Steven on the X-box. He has also coined some great phrases.
Like.... "I burted" for I burped which was made to sound like farted.
or everytime I tell him he needs to take a nap he says, "Is it for a lawn, lawn, lawn time?" Since he doesn't say his g's correctly yet, that is how he says long.
On occasion he decides that he hates things, that he really shouldn't. Currently he Hates primary, and asks the whole time when he can go. It can be very distracting, especially when I am trying to do Sharing Time and can't whisper to him to be quite. At Christmas time he decided that he Hated the camera right about the time Scott Buchanan was taking a video of him. He screamed at Scott and ran in to a bedroom and slammed the door. Luckily, Scott thought it was hilarious and proceeded to show the video to anyone that would watch.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. We love our Nathan boy and are enjoying watching him grow.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Buchanans are coming!

So after lots of talk....Alicia, Scott and Brielle are coming to Germany for a visit! We are thrilled to have them come to our home, and see this beautiful country (and many other countires for that matter.) We had no visitors from the states last year, but some of the family is making up for it this year. We should have visitors in May, June, and September. We are also trying to talk Nana and Papa Hughes into coming at the beginning of December. Fran would love the Christmas markets. We will see.

With the Buchanans we plan on going to Holland for a night or two to see the Tulips, and taking a drive along the Rhine River. I also think they are going to really appreciate German food, so we will be eating our little hearts out. We are just so excited because it means seeing family, and another vacation for us. YAHOO!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nathan's Geburtstag

As most of you know, our little Nathan turned 4 today and hopefully he has had a wonderful birthday (Geburtstag auf Deutsch) .

We started his celebration yesterday, by taking the boys to the Circus. We had a great time, and I am glad we went. My only problem was....we went to the 8:00 show because adults got in free to that one, so we just paid for the kids. But we didn't leave until after 10:30pm and the boys were begging us to go home.

Today, we spent lunch at another little girls birthday party at a place kind of like Chuck E Cheese. Then for dinner we had our neighbors (Noelle and Katja) and our friends the McNalley's over for dinner, cake, and presents. Nathan seemed to have a great weekend.

Nathan's door decorated for when he woke up in the morning.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

M. Russell Ballard

On Sunday it was announced at church that M. Russell Ballard would be coming to Germany to speak to the Americans that are living here. He was going to come to the Nurenburg area, which is about 2 hours away from us. Some of the ladies in the Branch really wanted to go, so I decided I would go too. I left Steve with the boys, and myself and 4 other ladies drove down to see an Apostle.

Right when I saw him, he did not look familiar at all. I thought he should have, but he didn't. We were early, so he was going around shaking peoples hands and when he shook my hand, he said "How are you all doing today." I smiled and said, "Great, Thank you. Your voice sounds so familiar." He chuckled at that and kept walking. It just struck me when I heard him talk that although I didn't recognize his face, I definitely knew that voice. Kind of a cheesy thing to say, but I am sure people have said cheesier.

Anyway. His talk was fantastic, and I am so happy I went. He speaks on a much more personal level when he is speaking to a small group of 200 compared to when he is speaking in General Conference. It was wonderful to hear him.

His message was about how many people can be converted in their minds that the church is true, but it is not until we are converted in our hearts and souls that we are truly converted. And when that happens we can be like a Big Oak Tree who will be beat by the storm but because of it's deep roots we will not fall down with all the beating. Even when all the smaller trees around us have fallen. It was a great message and was just really nice to hear him speak and hear a little more about his life.

About a week ago, he was in Kuwait to talk to the soldiers there, and wanted to come through German to speak to the people stationed here. So, after he was done talking, he asked if all the soldiers that were there in uniform would come up to be in a picture with him that he was going to take back to the First Presidency.

It was an awesome experience!

About a year ago, L. Tom Perry came to our little Branch to speak to our congregation as well. I remember thinking he was really tall. So, I guess Germany is the place to come if you want to see one of the 12 Apostles. :)