Sunday, November 01, 2009

Brandon's good night song

I was singing to Brandon tonight, and noticed that he was singing with me, so decided to get out the video camera. He is so funny. He is a decent talker for being 27 months old, but not fantastic. But he wants to be understood so badly. Watch how he moves his mouth to every word hoping that will help him be more understood. He is actually very good in the conversation skill, but of course, can't always be understood by anyone but me. He will get it soon enough though. Enjoy!

Fun Halloween!

Well, we had a fun and successful Halloween. Steve spent the day at the temple with the youth, and the boys and I had a Tiger cub hike to go on. Nathan is doing Tiger cubs this year here in Brooklet, and they asked me if I would be the Tiger cub leader. Of course I will! Why not? So, we planned our hike for Saturday morning and had a marvelous time. Since Steve was gone, all the boys came with me. Steven wore his uniform so he could be the assistant leader to the younger boys. I loved it.

We just went to the Botanical Gardens at the university here in town and it was a very simple hike. Halfway in to the hike we came across this stage that the boys thought was pretty cool. They all got up on it and then decided that they wanted to sing a song for the parents. While trying to think of a song Jacob yells out, " I know Mom, we could sing I am a Child of God!" I just laughed and said that the other boys didn't know that song because it was a church song. This was with a group of 6 adults and three other scouts. So, they sang a school song instead.

After the hike, a nap, and dinner we were ready for trick or treating. It was 90 degrees and humid, so the boys were a little hot in their costumes, but they did OK.

Here is Steven as Obi

Nathan as a Ninja

Jacob as Spiderman

Brandon as a cow (the black pants got put on later)

Since the houses are a little further a part here, people all drive their kids around. They either take golf carts or just keep the trunk of their van open and the kids just hop in and out. Do they do that in other places? The street was lined with cars moving at a very slow pace. The boys made out with plenty of candy, and now we are done until next year.