Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Steven's new blog

Steven has been a little bored over this Christmas break, so he decided to start a BLOG! (Thanks Davin for the idea.) :) His blog is at the top of my links. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve

We did a lot of new things this Christmas and it was lots of fun. First off, Steve found someone from church to go hunting with, so for the past week he has been hunting five or six times. After a couple of times of going by himself, Steven decided he wanted to join Dad, so they have been going together. On the morning of Christmas Eve they left at 5am to go see if they could shoot a deer. Steve has gone hunting a number of times in his life, and has never even seen a deer. Well, on the 24th he calls me from his tree stand at about 9:30am and tells me that he just shot THREE Deer. There was a group of five, and when he shot the first one, the others did not run away like he thought they would. They just jumped a short ways down the road, and so he shot two more before they finally got the idea. Pretty crazy. I asked how Steven felt about the whole thing, and I guess he was OK with it, until they skinned one of them. Then Steven was bothered by it. But I guess he was OK with the shooting part.

It has been pretty cold here, especially at 5 in the morning, so Steven is trying to stay warm, not getting ready to rob a bank. LOL

So, later that night after Steven had a nap, and Steve had put his deer on ice, we began our festivities. We had our traditional KFC for dinner, but this time I bought some cute Christmas plates to eat off of, and we lit some candles to make it a little more special. YUM!

After dinner we went out caroling. Our backyard neighbors have a tradition of doing this, and we wanted to join them this year. We needed to give our twelfth day of Christmas anyway. So we drove around to about nine different houses with plates of cookies and sang a couple songs to each. It was so much fun, we all really enjoyed it. The only problem with it was, we still wanted to do our traditional Christmas Eve play and open one gift and get things ready for Santa, and by the time we got home from caroling we didn't have much time to do what we wanted to. We did get it all done though, even if it was in a rush and then the boys happily went to bed to wait and see what Santa brought.

Robes for Steven and Nathan

A toy for Brandon
and a Snuggie for Jacob

Early December

We had a very busy and fun month of December. We had a pack meeting Christmas party where all the boys got a present.

The three oldest boys participated in the school Christmas program. Where Steven's class sang a song with instruments.

We decorated the house and tree for Christmas.

And we also did the twelve days of Christmas for the first time this year. It turned out so great. We really enjoyed doing it, and it didn't complicate my Christmas like I was afraid it was going to.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

November in a nutshell

So, did November go by quickly or WHAT! One of these days I will stay on top of things, I am sure of it.
But for now, here are some of the things we did in November.

{OK, well this is actually the middle to end of October. That is when the cotton fields are ready to be harvested, and it is such an awesome sight. There are these fields all over the place that are covered in white, and some of the fields are huge. So, it looks like the cotton goes on forever. I love those couple of weeks that we get to see the cotton when we are out driving around}

{Steven did his first diorama the week before Thanksgiving, and we had a lot of fun figuring out what to do. We made the swamp water out of vaseline and food coloring. Oh, and that is an alligator in the water if you can't tell.}

{Steve got his gun out for the boys to practice shooting some cans. It is a good thing there is a field behind us.}

The boys had a whole week off for Thanksgiving break, so we headed up to Virginia again for the week. Nathan and Jacob had to get fillings in their cavaties the first half of the week. Poor Jacob had cavities in all four corners of his mouth. After his first shot he was a little shocked by the pain of it, and was shaking while the Dr. drilled. Then before he knew what was happening the Dr. gave him another shot for the bottom part of his mouth. When the Dr. got to the other side, and was about to give him a third shot Jacob freaked out. He covered his mouth tightly with his hands and got up out of the chair. Through some coaxing we got him back in the chair and the Dr. tried to get the cavity out without the shot. He was successful thankfully and Jacob preferred the pain of the drill over the pain of the shot. Nathan was next and had been crying for the hour Jacob was in the chair about not wanting a shot. So we went directly to the drilling with Nathan. The Dr. said he didn't get it as good as he would have liked, but it will stop the problem for a time until Nathan is older. What a PAIN!

As my reward for comforting 2 crying boys at the dentist office for two hours, I got to go see the Blind Side with my in-laws while Steve babysat. It was a fantastic movie, and I am so glad I got to go see it. Now, I need someone to go to New Moon with me.

Finally we got to Thanksgiving, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Everything was just perfect! We started off the day by taking family pictures, which I will be posting soon.

While we were in VA, I realized just how terrible Brandon's hair was looking. He has crazy cowlicks all over the back of his head, and his hair was ten different lengths. So as soon as we got back I got out the clippers. I think he looks much better.

Now we are on to Christmas festivities. I am going to do better with blogging this month for sure. I like to look back and see what we did during the holidays, so expect more soon.

Happy Birthday to ME

Way back on November 10th, I turned 33 and I had a wonderful birthday. Steve was out of town for the week, but was just in Augusta so planned on coming home that night. That morning I had playgroup, so I went and spent some time with my friends there. Because of wonderful Facebook, people all over the place know when it is your birthday now. Well, my friend at playgroup brought a balloon and cupcakes to playgroup to wish me a happy birthday.

After playgroup, I had a lunch date with my visiting teachers at a thai restaurant that I had not tried yet. I was already excited to go, but then another friend of my from playgroup offered to take Brandon for an hour so I could go out to eat without him. Yippee! then I was even more excited. So, Brandon went to burger king with his friends, and I went out to delicious thai food with my friends.

Next we came home and took a nap of course. I made something very simple for dinner (can't remember what) and then talked on the phone to family until Steve got home. He walked in the door with a dozen roses, a wrapped present, and a cake lit on FIRE! Those candles were blazing and he is juggling all this stuff while he comes in the door singing Happy Birthday. It was so funny. So, we go in and have cake and open presents. Steve got me a Wii fit! I love it, it is lots of fun to play with, although it doesn't give you that great of a workout.

{I was surprised}
Steven also wanted to give me a present, so when he got home from school, he went in his room and went to work on something. He was making coupons for me to use like clean bathroom, clear table, etc. What a thoughtful gift, I loved it! But this one was my absolute favorite.Haha, I got five of these and I think I only have 1 left.

I had a great day and am grateful to be 33.