Monday, January 23, 2012

What the boys are up to

We have had a great week. The weather in Brooklet just doesn't seem to want to get cold, so we are still in the 70's this week. Pretty crazy for the middle of January. But, people around here say it is payoff for dealing with the miserable weather in the summer. And I will take it.

That being said, we did have a day or two that the high was around 50 and the low was below freezing. Well, on that particular weekend, we had two males in our home who decided they wanted to do something different with their hair. Steve was just tired of his hair and couldn't seem to find the time to go and get it cut. So he headed in the bathroom and shaved it off. Then Brandon thought that was such a cool haircut, he begged for the same. So, as I was shaving Steve's neck and Brandon was asking please, please, please, for the hundredth time to get his hair shaved, I reached over and shaved a nice big spot off of his head, and then Steve did some art work with it before he cut it all off.

Steven is at an interesting stage in life. He really wants to find a hobby that he loves and he is having a hard time. He does love baseball when it is the season, but for the rest of the year, he has no interest in sports whatsoever. For a while he was determined to be an actor. He asked me constantly how he can become an actor and be on a show on Nickelodeon. I of course was not interested in this crazy dream and I told him  that he needs to think of something else to be. I mean the boy is very uncomfortable being silly or doing anything in front of anybody except his own family. He finally stopped talking about that dream and has now decided that he wants to be an artist. This is a hobby I can support. I think it would be great for him to learn how to draw and be creative. This is his art studio he has made on his desk. Steve bought the drawing you see on the easel from Steven for $3, so he even has a little cash flow from his hobby already. Now to look into some art classes for him.
 Speaking of Steven and his talents, he participated in a Technology Fair that our school district had this weekend. He used a program called google sketch up and he created this castle with it. He didn't take a  place in the competition, but I am happy he did participate. He learned a lot about the program over the past month while he created and then deleted his pictures as he tried to decide what he wanted to have as his final project. He also got excited to create something even better for next year, as he saw all the projects that were in the competition.

One other cool thing to report this week...Steve has been hard at work in the garage on another wood project. Nathan got a bunny for Christmas from Santa Claus, but the cage he came in was just too small for him. So Steve headed to Lowes and got what he needed to make a castle for the little bunny. Steve got a table saw for his birthday last year and he has really enjoyed it. Here is the bunny cage that will now decorate our back porch. Steve did a great job. He is such a good wood worker.

Monday, January 09, 2012

All about Alex.

Our baby boy Alexander is turning one this month!  Can you believe it? I swear I was in the hospital having him last month. It has gone by super fast. I am sure it is because I have been so busy, but we are so thrilled he is a part of our family.

He started standing on his own earlier than all of the boys. At 10 months he would let go of the couch and just stand there. Then at 10.5 months he courageously took a step or two. Now at 11 months he is taking five or six steps. So, he is walking.....kind of. When the other boys started taking steps, they were committed, but I think since he started so young he is slower in his progress.

The first video was taken last Monday, but then I couldn't figure out how to get it on my blog so that is why you are just getting it now.

 This video was taken after church yesterday.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the kitchen and heard Alex whimpering. When I went to find him, this is where he had put himself. It is Brandon's clothes drawers and he crawled in the bottom one and got stuck. He is stinkin' adorable isn't he?

Sittin' in the stroller

Sunday, January 08, 2012

HappY 2012

Does it seem like New Years Day was just a week ago?? Crazy, and Christmas is only passed by two weeks. It comes in so slowly, but goes so quickly. We had a wonderful New Year. On Dec. 31st we enjoyed the day and then were excited to stay up until midnight. We started a new tradition this year. At 10pm we all went to the table and wrote down our New Years resolution. Then we took the slips of paper and put them into balloons along with a glow up bracelet. Then I filled them up with a little party helium tank I bought and we went outside and let them go. It was a lot of fun thinking about what we wanted to accomplish this year and then sharing our thoughts with whomever may find our balloons.

On New Years Day we went and enjoyed church which started an hour later than normal. Then after our naps and dinner we went to the neighbors house so the boys could play with some sparklers. Our neighbors are also members of the church, and they have one 8 year old boy. They had probably 50 sparklers so the boys had a great time coming back and back for more. Then we went home and had some New Years Day ice cream sundaes. We loaded those sundaes up and they were fantastic. Definitely another tradition we will hang on to.


My New Years Resolutions are....1. lose some weight (of course) 2. get the kitchen clean every night before bed. 3. Do a blog at least twice a month! Can you believe it. I may have to miss out on some great pinterest ideas, but I will put blogging ahead of that on two Sundays a month. Lucky You. :-) Next up....Alexander's new talent.