Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! We had a wonderful Easter holiday, and I know I need to start sharing our lives more with you.
On Saturday we colored our eggs. A wonderful experience like always.

(Alex was watching Youtube videos after trying to drink the egg dye one too many times. )

We also decided to start a new Easter Eve tradition. We talked about the week in Christ's life leading up to His Resurrection, but left out what happened on Sunday so we could revisit it on Sunday. It didn't go wonderfully because I had not prepared like I should have, but I think it is a tradition we will stick with.

Throughout the evening I learned two great lessons:

1. All those fantastic ideas on Pinterest of how to dye eggs in a new and fancy way, are not as easy as they look when you are trying to break up fights and keep colored dye from spilling all over the floor. Maybe with more prep I could have pulled it off, but for another couple of years we will stick with good old colored dye in a cup.

2. A messy house makes for a fun place to hide Easter eggs.

This morning we had a smooth Easter morning with lots of candy and a successful Easter Egg hunt.

We then had the Allred family Easter breakfast of mashing hard boiled eggs with butter and salt and sticking them in the microwave. Super easy and pretty darn good.

At church, Steve sang in Sacrament Meeting with a quartet of priesthood men. It sounded wonderful and many people let him know that he needs to share his voice more often.

I got to teach my awesome primary class of 10 year olds about the the Easter story and then shared with them some chow mein noodle nests. Yum, Yum.

Tonight we had a nice ham dinner and then watched a church video of the Resurrection.

I do love Easter. I especially love all the testimonies of Christ that are shared on facebook for everyone to see. It gives me hope to see so many that love and believe in Jesus Christ.

For your Easter enjoyment, here is a portion of our egg hunt.