Sunday, May 20, 2012

Steve's Graduation from Georgia Southern University

 Steve started school at GSU about two and a half years ago. It has been a crazy couple of years. We have added another son to our family, I was called as Young Womens president for our ward about a year and a half ago. We have had many baseball practices/games for the boys in two or three different fields all at the same time that I alone was responsible for getting them to, we have paid babysitters many dollars so I could be where I needed to be when Steve couldn't be home, we have eaten dinner without Dad at home most nights, and we have had numerous nights when Steve fell in to bed at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. But....I am happy to say he has finished his Bachelors degree!! Hallelujah. What a relief, but I am so very happy that he did it. And what a great job he did too! His GPA at Georgia Southern was a 3.9. He was bringing home A after A after A. I am so proud of the work he did. Unfortunately because he had to claim all the other schools he had been to, he had to transfer his Rick's grades over from when he went there right after high school. None of the credits transferred to help towards his requirements, but the 2.0 GPA did and brought his overall GPA down to a 3.4. Just low enough to not graduate with honors. That was very upsetting to me and to Steve, but we know what an Awesome job he did. And they did do a ceremony for students with outstanding GPA's about 2 weeks before the real graduation. It was a small ceremony inside the theater at GSU, but I was so happy that Steve got the recognition he deserved.

On May 12, 2012 was his final graduation. His parents came for the weekend to celebrate with us, and I am so happy that they did. It meant a lot to Steve and it was wonderful to enjoy them for the weekend. Steve and me, and his parents left Saturday morning, and left the boys with a babysitter. We enjoyed the graduation ceremony and then went to lunch before we headed home to relieve Valerie. Then we had some graduation cake with the boys. So much fun.