Monday, October 25, 2010

Camping in the blue ridge "mountains"

We went camping as a family last weekend and had such a wonderful time. The boys and Steve took Friday off and we headed up past Atlanta to spend the weekend in the "mountains". The bumps that we saw once we got there, were far from mountains, but I guess to Georgians it is nice just to see the slight change in elevation. We got there Friday night and set up the tent just as the sun was going down, so that was a fun experience. We had grilled hamburgers for dinner at about 9:00pm and then we all cozied up in our huge three room tent that we bought last year. It is very nice having the whole family in one tent and still having plenty of room. As most of you know, Steve likes to camp in luxury, so both of us were on our own double thickness air mattress, and I slept very comfortably. The nights got just cold enough that you were cuddled in your sleeping bag and the days had beautiful weather.

On Saturday morning we woke up and made us some eggs in a frame. Then we headed to an apple orchard. There were lots of fun things for the kids to do, and then we picked some delicious apples off the trees on our way out.

{We went out to collect firewood first thing in the morning. Our fingers were really cold}

{On the jumping pillow}
{Steve and Steven decided to have a turkey leg for lunch}{Next, on to the petting zoo}

{Looking for the right apples}
{These are our apple treats. An apple fritter and apple pocket pie. Delish! This was right before Jacob got stung by a bee.}
{He got stung right there. The bee didn't leave his stinger in though, so he recovered quickly. }{Lastly a wagon ride through the orchard before we headed back to camp}

On Sunday morning we woke up and made more eggs in a frame. (of course) Then we did scripture study and a song with the boys. And then we headed out fishing. Our campsite was right next to Carter's Lake. Steve decided he wanted to rent a boat to fish from, so we were able to drive around the lake and play for four hours. Not much fishing went on. There seemed to be one problem after another, but we all had a wonderful time.
{Thank goodness for little boys}

Monday morning we packed up and headed home. Steve had a 5:00 class he had to be to.