Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The school we were looking for

The boys school actually started on the 4th of August. The very same week we were enjoying ourselves on a family vacation at Lake Tahoe. So, they started school a week late when we got back. That also happened to be the same day all of our stuff was delivered from Germany, and Steve was out of town on a business trip for the week. So, I have had a lot to take care of, and been in a mood to not take care of anything.

Seeing my sister Laura's cute post about Davin going to school, I decided that it is not too late to take and post some pictures of the boys experience at their first school in the United States. We put a lot of importance in the school district when we were choosing a home. We found a home that Steve and I both absolutely LOVED, but it was not in the right school district, so we had to turn it down. So, I am very happy to report that not only do we love our house, but we couldn't have asked for a better school. It is just what we were looking for and both the boys love it, and are excited to go back every day.

Steven is in 2nd grade this year, and I was worried about his reading skills, since he was learning to read German last year, but he is doing so well on his reading, and he talks very highly of his teacher and of all the stuff they get to do at school.

Nathan started American kindergarten this year all though he has been going to German kindergarten for two years. They have all day kindergarten here, but it hasn't seemed to bother Nathan at all. He has been in trouble a couple of times already, because he doesn't want to obey, but believe me, Steve and I are all over that one. Actually we are a little concerned about Nathan's hearing and are wondering how many of his problems could be caused by that. We have an appt. with the Dr. the middle of September to find out if there is a problem.

Jacob is staying home with me this year. In Georgia they really push the pre-K schooling. Everyone is shocked that I have my 4 year old home with me. But, I figure he went to school for a year in Germany when I didn't think he was ready and the pre-K here is also all day. What would be the point of being a stay at home Mom if your kids start going to school all day at the age of 4. I think they need just a little more influence from me. So, although Jacob's mornings can be a little boring, I do think that at home just hanging out with Mom and Brandon is the best place for him.

The boys school is only two blocks from our house, and is a nice easy walk, so I decided that is what we were going to do every morning and afternoon. So far it has worked out nicely, and if I am ever in the car when school gets out, or it is raining, I usually just drive to pick them up. The only bad thing about our walk is that the great state of Georgia does not believe in sidewalks. I remember complaining about this in Augusta too. I think it is too bad, because it discourages people from exercising outside, but regardless they still have no sidewalks. So, we walk to school on this main road, and I yell at the kids to stay in the grass the whole walk. They complain because they wet grass from the dew gets all over their legs, but there can be quite a bit of traffic since everyone is using that road to get their kids to school. People are getting used to us being on the road though, and I love the walk in the morning. I try to have the boys their by 7:40, so we leave the house at 7:30.

I had to get a picture of the state of our house the first two weeks of school. It will be a good memory. I made a lot of progress today, but I am so ready to just close those last four boxes and start focusing on Hawaii.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon

Today we celebrated baby Brandon's 1st birthday. It was great, and we are enjoying him so much. I have never seen a baby smile at people as much as Brandon does. I love it. He is such a joy in my life.

As far as the Birthday goes, we kind of ignored it this morning, and just did festivities after our Sunday nap. I made an easy dinner that he seemed to enjoy and then we went and opened presents. My Mom suggested that I get this ball toy for him, and it was a hit. He was loving playing with it, as long as we could keep the other boys from stealing all of his fun.

Can you see the fancy work that Steve did on the wrapping paper?

After present opening we went and had some cake. I took the easy road for his birthday since my life has been a little crazy and I bought cakes at Walmart. I bought him a little personal sized one, and for the rest of us, I wanted to get a specific kind of cake that tells a little about Brandon's birth. Can you guess what kind it is?
A little confused by the fire.
His first taste of the cake

This is .52 adorable seconds of video showing Brandon enjoying his cake. Steve and I haven't figured out how to get sound on our video from our camera yet, but it is cute anyway. By the way, when Steven was 1 I bought him a costco sized muffin with pink frosting on it, and it was perfect for his birthday. Anyone who has a baby turning one soon, I would not recommend these heavily frosted, very messy walmart cakes. I was feeling very guilty about the sugar high that Brandon was getting. You would think I would know which is best by the time I am on my 4th, but oh well.

Brandon is completely done nursing, and seems to be happy enough with the whole milk we have given him. I am excited to put him in his forward facing carseat tomorrow, I'm sure he is going to love it.

We just set up the bedrooms in the house, and I wanted to put the school boys in one room, and the home boys (get it, haha) in another room. So, Brandon has been taught to sleep with a roommate this week and accepted it pretty easily. I am thrilled. Now if he would just stop waking up for a bottle at 4:00am I would be even more thrilled.

In other news, I am failing in the blogging world again. I have missed at least three big events that I should have blogged about. But anyways....... the movers came this past Monday and brought all of our household stuff. It is very nice to have it again, although it has made quite a mess. And, I have decided that this house will fit our stuff perfectly fine. I don't know what I was thinking when I was afraid this house would be too small for our furniture. I would like to have an attic or a basement for the extra junk, but as far as the furniture fitting, it is all turning out quite nicely. I have been going through stuff slowly just because that is what I felt like doing, but I better pick up the pace now. Steve and I are leaving for a romantic getaway to Hawaii next Sunday. My Mom and sister Tawna are coming to take care of the kiddos for 10 days!!! Can you believe that. Don't I have such a wonderful family. So I need to get things straightened out a little so they don't walk in to craziness. Steve has been on business trips every week of August. He comes home on the weekends to mow the lawn and change the lightbulbs and then leaves again Sunday night. I guess in a way that is OK with me, because now I unpack the boxes at my pace and make sure the stuff goes where I want it too. It will be nice to have the time to spend with him in Hawaii though, since we have been apart this summer more than we have been together.
Here is the house after the movers left. I think we only have like 55 boxes, so it shouldn't be too much work.