Friday, November 30, 2007

Pay it Forward

OK, so real quick, do you remember the movie called Pay it Forward where a kid has a class project where he does something nice for someone who is suppose to do something nice for someone else. Until everyone is doing nice things for others or "paying it forward." That was the point of this whole contest thing. To encourage people to make a comment to win a contest and also so that I could do something nice for others, since someone did something nice for me. :-) Pretty nice huh?

So, for the winners, it is now your chance to Pay it Forward. You can do it through your blog like I did where you make something or do something (or buy something) for your winners. Or you can do something in "real life" for someone, and then just tell us about it.

Also, let me know via email what 2 FHE lessons you would like me to make for you. It can be anything, including one of the ones I have shown on my blog.

K, That is it, have fun!

P.S. I loved hearing about your computer time. It doesn't sound like we are abusing our computer privileges too bad. :-)

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