Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jacob turns 5

{The birthday boy with Dad. and a nice picture of Steve's longer hair. I love it like this}

Yeah! Jacob is now five and is ready for school. His birthday was yesterday, and he has asked me a couple of times today why he is not going to school today. I'm glad he is excited to go.

He had a very fun, hectic birthday. For lunch we invited two of his friends and their Moms and siblings to meet us at chick-fil-a to eat and play on the toys. It was a perfect birthday celebration... cheap, easy, eating was involved, and I got to enjoy it as much as him with my friends.

For the evening portion he wanted to go to a pizza buffet for dinner. The problem came when Steve was going straight from work to a young men's meeting that ended at 7pm, and Steven had a baseball game that started at 6:45pm. So after Steven's game (where he actually hit the ball from the pitching machine!!! Way to go Steven!), we headed to pizza at 8pm on a school night. We were home and fed by 9pm where we still had cake to eat, and presents to open.

First was from Grandma and Grandpa Allred. It is a Dr, Suess game that looks really fun, Jacob is excited to play it. And he got some "dollars" from them too. Thank You!

Next he opened his cards where he got a check from Nana and Papa and more dollars from Grandma Great! Thank you!

From Mom and Dad he got a bike with training wheels.

And a slime gun that he has been asking for that I am not too excited about.

Here is his ghetto cake. haha I bought a cake from Walmart, and then tried to write his name on it without decorating tips.

These candles are those long ones that sputter a little kind of like sparklers. He was not sure how close he wanted to get to them. He did get them blown out though.

The kids were finally in bed by 10pm and I am hoping they are not too horrible for their teachers today. Thanks to all of you who called to wish Jacob a happy birthday. He loved it.

Now today Jacob is ready to play with his new bike outside, but we are getting more rain which I LOVE. We have had so much rain and thunderstorms this spring and it is so fun to see. This picture is of a storm that was blowing in a couple days ago. We aren't getting thunder and lightening today, just lots of rain. (and we are suppose to go camping this weekend!)


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Jacobie! Not sure if you got our card yet or not, but if not, we've got one on it's way to you!!! Love you!!

Skinner Family said...

Looks like a great birthday. My birthday celebrations don't even last until 10pm. You are party animals.
And congratulations to Steven for hitting off the machine. Did the crowd go wild again??