Friday, November 07, 2008

Catch up

I came to do a blog today and found pictures from last week that I forgot to post! OOPS So, now I am catching you up on last weeks stuff.

We are LOVING the weather in Georgia. The summer really didn't seem too hot to me, and now we are enjoying the winter weather so much. It got cold for a short time and now the sun has come out for a couple weeks and I am guessing that at some point it will get cold enough for my space heater again. It is so nice. Last week the boys and I went outside to enjoy the sun.
Brandon, oh my darling Brandon. This boy seems to be more BOY than the other three were. He climbs up on everything. He will not sit down in the shopping cart, or a high chair at a restaurant, or in the stroller. He got out of his seat belt the other day which totally shocked me as you can imagine. I guess I hadn't pushed the chest buckle up when I put him in, but I am driving down the street at night, and the next thing I see in my rear view mirror is the back of Brandon's head. He had stood up and turned around to see what the boys behind him were doing. But his very favorite place to be is on the kitchen table. He climbs on it constantly and has spilled so many things including a huge container of apple juice. He if often know to wipe up after a meal with his shirt.
I found a good snack for him in the car. He loves to eat apples and it kept him busy for an hour drive to Savannah the other day. He does spit the skin out though (notice his chest). :-)
On Halloween the boys school had a "Pumpkin Parade" down the main street of our little town. It was the cutest little parade and a great idea. Each class chose a book that they had read and dressed up like the characters in the book. They also decorated their class pumpkin to go with the book. Then as they walked down the street the parade commentator told us a little about each story. What a great idea of mixing a little Halloween dress up with some education. Perfect

Here is Jacob, a happy spectator

This is the office staff. They are dressed up as queens and kings.
Here is Nathan's class. Their book was "If you were a parrot"Here is their parrot pumpkin
And our little Nathan parrot

Here is Steven's classAnd Steven supposed to be dressed as a hockey player

And better late than never huh? A quick glimpse at Halloween night. Here are the boys, our pumpkins, and the porch decor(not much) all in one. :-)

Nathan chose a recycled Harry Potter costume for Halloween night.
And here is my main MAN baking up a little treat to keep me happy.


Kristin said...

What great pictures! And the Brandon stories make me very nervous! I'm interested to see how my little man will behave as he gets older! Too cute! :)

Emily said...

That was a great update, Teresa! Thanks for sharing. Your boys are way cute!!

Natalie said...

Love the update! Teresa- Happy Birthday! For some reason I remembered it was your birthday today when I saw the date. Have a fun day!

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Teresa! It is always fun to see what you and your boys are up to. Those pictures of Brandon are adorable. What a crazy kid. I don't know how I would handle a really boy boy.

I loved the parade. What a cute idea. I bet the kids thought that was fun to do.

Steve said...

I really wish that you would have asked me before putting that last picture on the blog. No wonder you only got 4 other comments on here. Everyone saw that and had to immediately leave the blog before getting sick.