Sunday, November 23, 2008

The campout

As I mentioned in my last post, Steve told the boys that if Nathan got 4 out of 5 stars on his behavior paper this week, Steve would take them all camping in the backyard. Well............
The funniest thing to me was that Steve and I were watching the weather report all week hoping that the low of 24 degrees they were calling for that night would somehow come up 20 degrees. But that did not happen. haha

We started the evening by having hobo's. A cute name for foil dinners that Steve and Steven learned at a boy scout camp they went to last week.
That was quite an interesting experience. Steve saw these scout men do these dinners last week, so he was all ready to show us how it was done and be the master. Unfortunately for him I have had foil dinners many times back in my camping days, so I had a lot of opinions on the matter. Steve takes the dinners out to the fire and throws them on the FLAMES! I just had to voice my opinion over and over about not putting them on flames, they are suppose to go on coals. Especially when I saw that the fire was starting to burn holes in the foil. I finally went inside to do dishes because Steve didn't want to hear my opinion. :-) So he brings the dinners in a short time later, and they were perfect! How does he do that? I have no idea, but I for one was shocked.

The boys and Steve set up their tents and brought ALL the blankets from the house out to the backyard. Which actually is a lot of blankets since we have opened our blanket boxes from the garage. Then they went to bed. The only one who came in to sleep was Steven. He got up to go to the bathroom at 12am and I think when he went back out he just couldn't get warm again. Steve said there was frost on top of their blankets when they woke up. It was COLD out there. But they all had a great time and Nathan got his reward for being good. I am sure they will do it again, but probably not until May. :-)

Brandon on the the other hand, has a funny story to tell this week. His face has been really dry since the winter began, so I have been putting lotion on it a couple times a day. He always likes to help me and is very thorough on getting it on his checks. Well, the other day after dinner, the sour cream was sitting on the counter(the boys cleared the table) and he reached up and got it. (A new bad habit of his) Steve walked in the kitchen to find this. Apparently he thought it was facial cream and was making sure not to miss any spots.


Christy said...

I love it! That sour cream story is so precious.

Roeckers said...

Sour cream should work right?! Some of us woman pay from milky facials and stuff, why not try sour cream/

We tried the camping thing earlier this year, didn't work well Rainey screamed at the idea of everybody sleeping outside. The older ones were good until I turned out the porch lights and Jake wanted them to go to sleep :P Glad yours went better and hopefully no one gets sick from the cold.

Sue said...

I am sooo proud of Nathan!!! Great job on both he and Steven earning the right to go camping! That camping looks like so much fun! Though not the 24 degrees, did you suggest the living room? What a fun Friday night! Did you and Brandon sleep in the house?
I love Brandon's face!

Skinner Family said...

What a fun campout- I'm so glad Nathan was able to make it happen. 24 degrees- not in a million years would I sleep outside. I can't even imagine it that cold. Our high today was 67 and I told Brian it was time to turn on the heater.
Brandon is so cute. Is sour cream a good moisturizer??

Roger said...


Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! Seriously, Brandon is the cutest kid ever! He is so hilarious! I love that little ragamuffin! :) Too cute! And way to go Nathan for getting all your stars!!!

kanabanana said...

He is so cute, even with that mess on his face! Looks like the campout was a blast!