Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog update!

I have been told that it is time for a blog update??

Life in Georgia is GREAT! It is finally cooling down and we are going to really enjoy the fall weather.  I have been keeping myself extremely busy, but I am tired of thinking about how busy I am. So, I am reprioritizing and I am going to keep on top of things if it kills me. :-)

The boys have been in school now almost 9 weeks and they are doing great. I love my straight A students. We still walk to school every morning so we are holing up our Brooklet reputation. I have also started a co-op with Brandon this year with 3 women in the ward whom I think are fabulous. He is loving it and I think it is pretty great too. It would be Perfect if it didn't cut into Alexander's nap schedule so badly. Brandon goes every Wed. and Thurs. from 9:30 to 12. We had the kids at our house last week and learned about the ocean one day and heat and fans the second day. I really enjoyed it.

Since I can't go back three months I will tell you about our weekend. On Friday some ladies from the ward got together for a salad luncheon. We all brought a salad of our choice and the recipe. It was delicious and a lot of fun. I love my Statesboro friends. I was supposed to have a garage sale Saturday morning, but I procrastinated calling the paper until it was too late, so I had to postpone that. So Saturday was spent doing whatever we wanted until 5pm when we had the missionaries over for a wonderful dinner. When they left I went to the General Relief Society Broadcast and loved it. Today (Sunday) was the Primary Program at church and it was so good. They sang "The Family is of God" for their first song and the second verse which is about father's was sung by Steve and our 4 boys that are Primary age. Steve bought them matching ties for the event and they looked adorable. They sang pretty good too. :-) I brought the camera to tape it but Steve brought me to my senses so I didn't record in Sacrament Meeting although I SSOOO wanted to. Tonight Steve made dinner and he made an Indian dish called Tikka Masala. Yum! It was great.

So, the boys have somehow broken my Kodak camera that I got for Christmas, but I have been able to get a couple of pictures from our old camera.

Alexander is 8 months old as of Today! Can you believe it. Here he is in the bath and then playing with Steve. When he is tired he laughs so easily and it is adorable.

Alex is definitely not from the same mold as the other boys. I have said this before and it continues to be true. He is totally crazy! He can't sit still for a single second. Always moving and turning and climbing. Because he is moving so much he is way ahead of where the other boys were at this age. He is already climbing up and holding on to the side of the couch. That is so young. I am curious if he will walk earlier. He is a very pleasant baby that sure loves his sleep. He still can't handle staying awake for longer than two hours which is a problem on busy days, but on stay at home days I love it. ;-)

Hopefully I will be back again shortly.  See you then.


Sue said...

Thank you for the videos! Alex looks so old! I really think he changed from a crier to a laugher because of the fun family that he is in. He has role models of laughter all around him. What a cutie!

Roger said...

Thanks from another grandparent.

Jessica said...

Welcome back! So good to see Alex getting so big! I really want to go to Georgia, I just wish it was 500 miles closer!

Alicia said...

Oh how I love getting a blog update from you. It is so good to see pics of your boys and hear what you guys are up to. It does sound busy and crazy. I'm impressed the boys are doing so well in school and that is great that Brandon gets to do a co-op. Alexander sounds exactly like my kids - not able to be still for even a second and wanting to be in their beds to sleep.

Good luck keeping up with everything. Sounds like you are doing an awesome job of it.