Thursday, December 03, 2009

November in a nutshell

So, did November go by quickly or WHAT! One of these days I will stay on top of things, I am sure of it.
But for now, here are some of the things we did in November.

{OK, well this is actually the middle to end of October. That is when the cotton fields are ready to be harvested, and it is such an awesome sight. There are these fields all over the place that are covered in white, and some of the fields are huge. So, it looks like the cotton goes on forever. I love those couple of weeks that we get to see the cotton when we are out driving around}

{Steven did his first diorama the week before Thanksgiving, and we had a lot of fun figuring out what to do. We made the swamp water out of vaseline and food coloring. Oh, and that is an alligator in the water if you can't tell.}

{Steve got his gun out for the boys to practice shooting some cans. It is a good thing there is a field behind us.}

The boys had a whole week off for Thanksgiving break, so we headed up to Virginia again for the week. Nathan and Jacob had to get fillings in their cavaties the first half of the week. Poor Jacob had cavities in all four corners of his mouth. After his first shot he was a little shocked by the pain of it, and was shaking while the Dr. drilled. Then before he knew what was happening the Dr. gave him another shot for the bottom part of his mouth. When the Dr. got to the other side, and was about to give him a third shot Jacob freaked out. He covered his mouth tightly with his hands and got up out of the chair. Through some coaxing we got him back in the chair and the Dr. tried to get the cavity out without the shot. He was successful thankfully and Jacob preferred the pain of the drill over the pain of the shot. Nathan was next and had been crying for the hour Jacob was in the chair about not wanting a shot. So we went directly to the drilling with Nathan. The Dr. said he didn't get it as good as he would have liked, but it will stop the problem for a time until Nathan is older. What a PAIN!

As my reward for comforting 2 crying boys at the dentist office for two hours, I got to go see the Blind Side with my in-laws while Steve babysat. It was a fantastic movie, and I am so glad I got to go see it. Now, I need someone to go to New Moon with me.

Finally we got to Thanksgiving, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Everything was just perfect! We started off the day by taking family pictures, which I will be posting soon.

While we were in VA, I realized just how terrible Brandon's hair was looking. He has crazy cowlicks all over the back of his head, and his hair was ten different lengths. So as soon as we got back I got out the clippers. I think he looks much better.

Now we are on to Christmas festivities. I am going to do better with blogging this month for sure. I like to look back and see what we did during the holidays, so expect more soon.


Kristin said...

Okay, it's tomorrow! I can't wait for your newest blog post!!! :)

Teresa said...

OK, Kristin, I guess I should have said twenty four hours. But it is done now. Enjoy.

laura said...

I love it. Even though we were a whole country apart, we basically did the exact same things. Including Blind Side and family pictures. Thankfully, we missed out on the dental work though. What a nightmare right before a Thanksgiving feast.

Kristin said...

Haha! Alright Teresa. This was a GREAT post!! And man! Had I known you wanted to see New Moon, I SOOOO would have made John watch the kids so we could go. I would've figured something out! :) Oh well. Maybe next time!

Sue said...

What a wonderful week in VA! It looks like a great Thanksgiving, I am so happy that you got to spend it with family. Fran's kitchen looks very much like ours did. Too bad about the dentist, but at least you got to see Blindside. Did the boys get anything?

Steve said...

Great blog, hun. I loved it. Now, how do I motivate my family to post on here, hmmm?? Okay, Kristin comments a lot, but no one else seems to say a thing, hint hint Hughes family!

Roger said...

I am sorry for the boys dentist experience. That is going to take some time to get over.
We missed you in Bakersfield, but it is nice to know that you have family on both sides of the country.

Scott B. said...

That looks like a great Thanksgiving with Steve's family. Isn't it nice to be somewhat close to some family again for occasions like this? I wish you could have been with us. We did the same things, even hair cuts. Brandon looks just like a Hughes boy with his new hair cut. Very cute.


Scott B. said...

Oh and you even get to drive around with fields of white like we do. See, small world.