Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

We did a lot of new things this Christmas and it was lots of fun. First off, Steve found someone from church to go hunting with, so for the past week he has been hunting five or six times. After a couple of times of going by himself, Steven decided he wanted to join Dad, so they have been going together. On the morning of Christmas Eve they left at 5am to go see if they could shoot a deer. Steve has gone hunting a number of times in his life, and has never even seen a deer. Well, on the 24th he calls me from his tree stand at about 9:30am and tells me that he just shot THREE Deer. There was a group of five, and when he shot the first one, the others did not run away like he thought they would. They just jumped a short ways down the road, and so he shot two more before they finally got the idea. Pretty crazy. I asked how Steven felt about the whole thing, and I guess he was OK with it, until they skinned one of them. Then Steven was bothered by it. But I guess he was OK with the shooting part.

It has been pretty cold here, especially at 5 in the morning, so Steven is trying to stay warm, not getting ready to rob a bank. LOL

So, later that night after Steven had a nap, and Steve had put his deer on ice, we began our festivities. We had our traditional KFC for dinner, but this time I bought some cute Christmas plates to eat off of, and we lit some candles to make it a little more special. YUM!

After dinner we went out caroling. Our backyard neighbors have a tradition of doing this, and we wanted to join them this year. We needed to give our twelfth day of Christmas anyway. So we drove around to about nine different houses with plates of cookies and sang a couple songs to each. It was so much fun, we all really enjoyed it. The only problem with it was, we still wanted to do our traditional Christmas Eve play and open one gift and get things ready for Santa, and by the time we got home from caroling we didn't have much time to do what we wanted to. We did get it all done though, even if it was in a rush and then the boys happily went to bed to wait and see what Santa brought.

Robes for Steven and Nathan

A toy for Brandon
and a Snuggie for Jacob


laura said...

I can not think of ONE thing better than Jacob in a Snuggie. My Christmas wish is a picture of that.
The deer- well, to be honest, it is disturbing. I do not like seeing dead animals. And if Steve shot 3, why do you only have one on ice. Where are the other two???

Kristin said...

So cute! Macy got a snuggie, too! I love it! So fun!

Alicia said...

Looks like a great Christmas Eve. I honestly think KFC is the best tradition. So easy! You don't have to do anything but go pick it up.

Jacob in a Snuggie is an adorable thought. How does he like it?

I had to scroll quickly through the hunting pictures and story. I don't like that at all. I do have a great recipe for moose roast and elk roast though if you want it. (Our friend hunts.)

Can't wait to see Christmas pics.