Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Residents of Brooklet Georgia

Well, two months later and I finally have my computer back to continue my journaling. I was telling Mom it is unfortunate when you have your journal on line, and then don't have your computer for a length of time. There has been so much going on in our lives that I should have been recording, but have missed out on. I will try to catch up though.

First and for most....we are SOOO happy to be back in the states. It is wonderful and it feels like Germany was a lifetime ago even though it has only been about 6 weeks. We have successfully purchased two cars, two cell phones, a new camera (Yahoo!), a nice new TV, a pool, and a beautiful home since the last time I wrote. Plus spent a million dollars at walmart for other odds and ends. I swear I don't know what I would do without that store.

The home we bought is in a very small town called Brooklet Georgia. It is a PERFECT place for us and we are so happy to be living here. It is about 15 minutes from a bigger city called Statesboro, home to Georgia Southern University. The students have been gone for the summer since we got here, but they will be heading back in the next couple of weeks. I am curious how much we will like Statesboro when there are college students all over the place. Our house is a short two blocks from the elementary school and we feel like it is a very safe and close knit community.

Although it is a 4 bedroom 2000 sq ft. home, it feels SO small to me. I am very stressed about what I am going to do with all of our stuff when it finally gets here. Steve and I have had about 100 conversations on how we can add-on since we got here a week and a half ago. I didn't think I would come back to America from Europe and say that anything was smaller. There definitely is more space here, just not in our home. haha

So here are some pictures:

This is with me standing at the front door looking in to the house.
Now I am standing in the doorway that Steve is in the last picture.
In the same doorway just turned with my back to the front door.
This is the dining room where we are hoping our table fits.
Here is the screened back porch that is behind the door in the picture above.

My bathroom with the deepest tub I have ever seen. It is awesome!! (sorry I forgot to turn the flash on.)

Awesome laundry room
My favorite feature of the home. Now I just hope I can decorate to make it look nice. The thought of decorating this place is stressing me out!!
And a much needed add-on to the home.

There are a few more pictures, but I will let you enjoy these for a day or two. I really do love the house and want to make it look nice. I am just not sure I have the ability to, but I am going to try.

I have registered the boys for school and we have gone to our new ward and absolutely love it. It is one of the friendliest wards I have ever been in. Our Branch in Germany was very welcoming too, so we have had lots of luck in that area. The boys even behaved this Sunday after a month of lectures from me that they better behave in primary!

K, watch for another blog soon.


Alicia said...

FINALLY!! I might be as excited as you are that you have your computer and the internet. I have missed the updates to your blog and your comments on mine. I've checked and checked and all I keep seeing is Steve with that big boobed hula hooping statue.

Well, of course, the house looks absolutely gorgeous! And perfect! Those hard wood floors are so pretty. I LOVE the fenced in patio. We had that in Boston and it was great in the summertime (Randi used it as a meat locker in the winter time). The view from that patio is gorgeous! Wow. It is so green and so much land. The pool looks wonderful. I now want to see the front of the house.

I think it is great that you are in a safe and small community, but have a bigger city close by. Perfect. I also really like the idea of being by a college. Scott and I have said we always want to live where there is a University. It provides Sports, classes, theater and music performances. So much. I like that kind of community. I think you will too.

Good luck! I'm sure you will make that home yours and it will be beautiful!

Jessica said...

Welcome back!!! The house looks amazing. I will have to head down there soon to check it all out.

Olson Clan said...

It's about time!! I was just thinking that I was beginning to worry about you guys.
glad that everything so far has been working out perfectly for you. and congrats on the house.
Welcome home :)

Carolynj said...

So glad you're in and happy!! I kept checking and seeing the statue, which, BTW, looks nothing like you.

Your new home is beautiful. I love the hardwood floors, the fireplace, the screened in porch and the YARD!! Wow, I have heard that the south-east is green with trees and it's so wonderful. Lots of land for the boys and their toys.

I've been thinking of you a lot. We moved July 3 and I, too, am stressing the decorating. Definitely not my cup of water. Best of luck, follow your heart with what you love, and it will be beautiful because it's you.

Skinner Family said...

Hurray! Finally. I love the house. I forgot how much land you have. And post a picture of the front. I love the hardwood and the chair-rail. I have always wanted chair-rail, especially in our kids room. It sounds like a perfect city too. I would love to be in a small town, off of a big college town. (perhaps I should move to Taft) Keep posting with lots more picts.

Heike said...

Hey ya all ;o) wonderful to read from you again. I was waiting for a post from the states to know that you had a good start there again.
Wish you all the best! was wonderful to know you!

Katie said...

Hey there,

wie gehts??? ;o) Lovely to read that you finally arrived in a new home. We wish you just the best and a good start. Your house looks very nice and I´m sure you´ll manage to fit everything in as you didn´t had to much stuff anyway...!

Can´t wait to hear how the last couple of weeks went for you so let us now in time.

When are you gonna come to Ireland???? ;o)

Katie said...
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Katie said...
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Katie said...
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Roger said...

Isn't life beautiful?

kanabanana said...

Your new home is beautiful...and so is Georgia--WOW! Of course coming from the desert anything green is beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!