Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Visit with Laura

OK you guys, so here is the story.
1. I never blog when I have company and even though Laura was only here for 6 days, and I haven't blogged in about a month, it is still an excuse.
2. The night Laura got here we went out to dinner, and I accidentally left my camera at the restaurant. So, I will be using Laura's pictures and I wanted to give her a chance to use them before I did. I mean after all, this was her vacation and her pictures. On a side note, I went in to the restaurant to get my camera back this week and they now have no idea where it is or if they even have it. I am going to be so mad if it got stolen or lost!!

We had such a FABULOUS time with Laura! Everything was so foreign to her, so she didn't have any expectations which always makes things more interesting and exciting. It was very fun for me to have her just to ourselves. I don't know why that seemed so special to me. Maybe because she lives close to Mom and Dad, so I feel like when we go to her house, it is never a special visit just to see her. I don't know, but it was wonderful.

The first day we took her out to eat at Auerbach Castle. The one that Steve and I always have our anniversary dinners at.

this picture is blurry, but cute.
this is the view from our window at the restaurant
The next day the boys and I showed her the Rhine River. This is one of my Favorite places in Germany and if you come at the right time, I think it is one of the most spectacular things you will ever see. Alicia, we did go to St. Goar and saw the cuckoo clock, and we rode on the train ride that we went on with Mom and Dad. And yes true to form, we got to the end of the line, and were lost on how to get back to the car. This is a favorite memory of mine that I have with Mom & Dad, Alicia & Scott, and now Laura. The first time I saw the Rhine I was with Jessica, but I am not remembering any trouble. I think we rode the boat back.

view from the boat
here we are waiting at the infamous train stop. :)
Then on Saturday my darling hubby took the boys for a Fathers and sons adventure, and Laura, Brandon and I went to Strasbourg France. Everything worked out so good for us that day. The weather was gorgeous. We had our trusty GPS so we found it without difficulty, we got to have uninterrupted wonderful conversation on our way up and back, we had quite an adventure in an over crowded tight fitting parking garage, and we got to spend the day doing whatever we wanted. We walked around and observed people, then ate at an outdoor cafe, which unfortunately didn't give Laura a good experience with French crepes although from my past experience, they are very good. Then we took a little boat tour and headed home. It was a fun city to see and a great day with my sister.

at the outdoor cafe where we crepes

Laura in the city center of Strasbourg
Sunday we took a break and just played a game of cities and knights before heading off to church. Then Steve grilled us steak for dinner and Laura had the most fattening meal she has had in a long time. I always warn people that Steve's secret ingredient is heavy cream and butter. :)

Monday we headed to Holland for us to have one last look at the tulips and for Laura to experience how beautiful they are. They did not disappoint this year (last year they were dead when we got there). It is amazing to see the garden at Kuekenhof in the spring. Then we went to Zaanse Schans which is a perfect little Holland tourist town with the windmills, the cheese shop, the wooden shoe making shop, etc. This is another place we have been to with Alicia & Scott, Fran & Lyle and now Laura. I have rich memories of touring Europe with the people that I love.

So, now Laura's big adventure and the Hughes' families last vacation in Europe is over. We will move out of our house in less than two weeks and plan on buying a home a car and lots of electronics that we can't bring with us from here. We also plan on seeing most of our family members from both sides. It is going to be so nice to live in the states again and be able to be close to family.


Sue said...

Great blog. I love your view of your vacations. I also love the last picture, it says a thousand words. I am happy that your arms are around each other. You look like you are off to another adventure.

Jessica said...

It is like the end of an era. I am so glad that you were able to live there and truly embrace the wonderful world abroad. It will be great to have you all close again. Flights NYC to Georgia are very reasonable.

Alicia said...

What a perfect last picture. It made me sad for your life in Germany to be over, but excited for you to be close again. You look like you are taking one last walk in the place you love and then walking off into another experience together. Perfect!

I am so happy that you all had such a good time with Laura. I'm glad she got the chance to go and see your life. I'm glad we got to last year.

Good luck with packing and getting ready. I wish we were there to help. We'll look forward to hearing that you are safe and comfortable in Georgia! Best of luck. We are so excited for your move back. And soooooooo excited that you got to live 4 amazing years in Europe.

Emily said...

That is just so great that Laura was able to come and spend some of your last days there with you. I'm sure you are going to really miss it there, but I'm also sure you are going to love being back in the good 'ol USA.

Skinner Family said...

I completely forgot Sunday!!!!! How could I. I think it's because there are no pictures of it. I was just scrolling through my picts to see what I should write next. My deepest apologies to Steve for not photographing his perfectly grilled steak with a delicious mushroom sauce. And the potatoes. Ohhh, the potatoes!!
And I forgot to talk about the GPS-the most important invention known to man(at least in Europe). I think I might have to go back and EDIT a few of my entries.

Steve said...

I've decided, after looking at this picture, that it's time to go on a diet. The picture is great, the person in the middle is going to be grilling a little less steak and eating a few less mashed potatoes and gravy.

Kristin said...

I tried leaving a comment, but I think something got screwed up, so I'll try again! I love love love the pictures of Europe! They are truly so beautiful. What you would see in the movies! We sure are excited to have you guys back in the states, but know that it's going to be bitter sweet for you! Hopefully I'll get to see you guys very soon!!!