Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Steve :)

It seems like every other post of mine is a birthday post, but I guess it is just Hughes birthday season. On June 21st we enjoyed celebrating Steve's 33rd birthday and welcoming in the first day of Summer. As you have all commented, we love to have a BBQ with friends and that is what Steve asked for for his birthday dinner. We invited all neighbors this time (no one from church believe it or not), but the funny thing was none of the husbands could come. They were all working. So it ended up being 5 women, and a bunch of kids for Steve's birthday. He didn't mind of course, growing up with 3 sisters and no brothers, he is not bothered being surrounded by females.For dinner Steve BBQ'd his famous chicken in Italian dressing, and it was some of the best he has ever done. I made funeral potatoes, and dragon breath salad. Then we had watermelon, an onion baguette, and grape juice mixed with sprite (not as good as the stuff Gma Great makes). Dinner was fabulous.I found a German cake mix that I made for the birthday cake that was actually very good. It had little pieces of walnuts in it which I could have done without, but it was rich and sweet, so it did the trick.
{Proof that T&K are here, and happy :)}Then on to presents! The neighbors gave Steve a great wrench set which he will use for the cars. And Steve and I(haha) got Steve a flat screen monitor which is really cool. He made sure it was dual voltage so he can take it back to the states with us whenever we go.

Then, to finish up the evening we went in the backyard for the neighbor to smoke her cigarette, and found the hugest snail we have ever seen. So everyone had their turn getting snail slime all over their arm. I was just the photographer, I do not particularly like snail slime.

It was a great birthday for Steve and we are grateful for the fun friends, and comfortable home we have to entertain in. I love Steve and am so much loving raising a family with him.


Skinner Family said...

Happy Birthday Steve! Sounds like a great day. It is so good to see T and K. We have all been wondering about them. And that snail is disgusting!!! What a good mom you are- photographing rather then freaking out.

Olson Clan said...

happy, happy, Birthday!!! From all of us to you!!!

Kristin said...

Hey Bosie. Happy Birthday. Looks like Teresa did good for you!!!
Love you guys!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Steve! How fun you can have your sisters there Teresa!

kiahnaw said...

OMG, that is a huge snail! Happy Birthday Steve! Good Food + Good Friends always = FUN. Glad you had a great time.