Monday, February 13, 2012

The new Dog!

Most of you know that I am a little crazy, or at least we can reason that I like to complicate my life. So, with that being said, let me introduce you to our new dog, Sparky.

We were just hanging out in our yard a couple of weeks ago and this miniature doberman pinscher comes over and starts running around with the boys. He is not the first dog that was attracted to our house because of the great fun the boys can provide, so we didn't think anything of it. But, the next morning when we went outside to go to church he came running up to the boys so excited to see them. And when we came home from church, there he was sitting on the front porch. He eventually started coming in the house, and was always on the front porch in the morning. After a couple of days the boys didn't want him to have to sleep outside anymore, so he curled up with them in bed for the night. I checked the paper to see if anyone had listed a lost dog, and I called the animal shelter and reported him, but no one seems to be missing him. I kept saying I was going to make a flyer, but for some reason I was having a hard time getting that done. I think it is because I wanted to put a picture on it and that would require taking a picture, downloading it, printing it and hanging it up. I know, it isn't that big of a deal but it just never got put to the top of my list and it never got done, so now he definitely thinks he is our dog and he adores  the boys. I am really actually OK with him being our dog. He doesn't stink like 90% of dogs do, he does have a smell but you can only smell it if he is right on your lap. He is short haired. And I actually like that he is small and hyper. I hate when a dog decides to lay somewhere right in your way and when you try to get him to move he takes his sweet time. Sparky will jump up and get out of the way in a split second. We assume he was trained by someone because he is very friendly and gentle to people, he doesn't get on the table, he listens when we tell him no, he goes to the bathroom outside most of the time (that one still needs a little work), he doesn't chew on things, and he gets outside when we tell him to get out. I guess if we are going to have a dog, this is the one to have.


laura said...

Boooo! The dogs great and all, but you teased us with little Alex toddling around. I want another video of him. And how perfect that he tipped over the bowl. Your new life with a dog!!
I suppose you have too many animal lovers in your house, to fight the dog issue. I have been blessed with a 5 year old who is scared to death of dogs. Nobody even asks for one around here.

Cindy Nicole Davis said...

He looks adorable! And I hate animals! :D Can't wait to play around with Sparky the next time I'm over!