Sunday, February 05, 2012

The littlest turns ONE

Our littlest one turned ONE last week. I honestly cannot believe it! Has it really been a year? I am a true believer now that the older I get the faster time seems to go.

Anyway, Alexander's birthday brought me a bit of guilt. :-( On his actual birthday Jan. 25th, we were doing a big dinner with the Young Women and many of the Relief Society sisters at church. So, I told the family we were going to ignore Alex's birthday that day and just pretend it was the next day. So...the next morning Alex woke up to streamers on his door which he felt was his responsibility to clean up.

He had a normal day and we looked forward to cake and presents that night. The problem came when we ran out of time. Steve was not able to get home for an early dinner like we had planned. Nathan had a basketball game at 6pm and Alex is completely ready for bed by 6:30 every night. So, when I left to take Nathan we hadn't eaten yet, and Alex was already wanting to go to bed. Steve said he would try to keep him happy, but when I got home at 7pm it was a sad situation. We forced the baby to stay awake so we could sing to him and give him some cake. He lasted for maybe 10 minutes and then was beyond ready, so off to bed he went.
 On Friday (1/27/12) he got to go to the Dr. for shots and stats. 
Weight: 21lbs.13oz, Height: 30 inches,
He also got to sit in a big boy car seat for the first time! But, he was in a grumpy mood and it didn't hold the excitement that I always expect from this big step in life.  :-)

So, on Saturday I was feeling bad and felt like his birthday had not been given the attention it needed. So, I made some lemon cupcakes, and we ate those and opened presents, and then shuffled him off to bed.

The upside is, I was taught growing up that if  you get a cake and a present in the month of your birthday than you can consider it a Happy Birthday. Thanks Mom. :-)

Alexander is such a treasure in our lives. The boys have been given a great opportunity to help with a baby which is great for them. Jacob is definitely my biggest helper with Alex. He is so willing to come entertain him whenever I need help. Alex has decided at a young age he is determined not to get left behind. He likes to be were the boys are, and now he can even run around with them. When they are on the trampoline he always heads outside and stands next to the trampoline just to be close to them. We love our baby boy and are so happy he is in our family.


Sue said...

I love the picture of him walking away, job well done. He looks great in his birthday pictures, but who ate the corner of the cake before the candle was blown out? Birthdays also need a dinner, though not necessarily at one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX! I can't imagine you without a baby!

Alicia said...

I read this and thought I commented, but turns out I kept my thoughts to myself. Here they are: I love that you put the streamers up for him. I bet he was so excited and then had a great time tearing them down. The pic of him walking away after "taking care of them" is hilarious. I also like his and Steve's matching heads blowing out candles. That cake looks SOOOOOOOOOOO good! Honestly. It's funny how his birthday turned into a few day affair. I am sure the boys enjoyed that. Happy Birthday little Alexander Scott!

Shaylah said...

I don't think you should feel guilty about postponing his birthday. If it were me I probably would have kept putting it off until there were no other conflicts. We used to plan birthdays around when we would be with family, so my kids have never celebrated on their bday. Then again, we celebrated Christmas on Dec. 23rd this year, and once on the 27 (my bro's were 9 and were still clueless). I don't think you've scarred him in any way. Besides, you made the excitement last all week! Lucky guy got cake twice!