Sunday, April 03, 2011

March pictures

A couple of good pictures from the camera that I want to share from the month of March.

I told Nathan that he could not get the trash can from the curb on his bike. After ten minutes of trying to hook it on somehow....

He decided to drag it this way: It just made me laugh. What a boy thing to do.
This is our only St. Patricks Day picture. Steven asked his teacher if he could color on his face with green marker, and she said Yes. I was a little surprised that she gave him permission, because Steven colored all over his face. But in her defense, she probably didn't expect him to go this far. Steven is a very messy person. If he can make a mess of himself or anything else, he will.
Also, a couple of weeks ago, Brooklet had dress up week like they do for Homecoming week in High School. One day they were supposed to dress up in clothes showing a profession they wanted to do when they grow up. What do you think of Steven's idea. :-0
This seems to be Mom's favorite activity whenever she comes to my house. I ALWAYS have unfolded laundry waiting for attention in my laundry room and Mom is just so efficient at getting it folded and even out of the family room. I am always so grateful when she does this service for me. I Love You Mom!
Steve had his spring break the week after I got back from Bakersfield. He wanted to take the family to Stone Mountain for his break. I blogged about this place last year when we went for Jacob's birthday. We really enjoy going there.

Daddy with the babe

Nathan on top of Stone Mtn.
We rode the cable car to get up the mountain, but decided to walk the path to get down. Here are the boys on our hike down.
Steve was practicing with the panoramic feature on our camera.


Roger said...

Steven has my vote!

Sue said...

I love seeing what you are doing! Great activities and pictures. Does Steven know that when you put color on your eyelids it is eye shadow?

Roger said...

And a great picture of your mom doing good wherever she goes!

Kiahna Williams said...

Love all your photos for March! Looks like great memories. You have such a wonderful family!

Kristin said...

The first picture of Steven I totally thought he was dressed up as a missionary. Then the close up picture showed Pres of the US on his tag. Oops! But he'll be great at both! :)

Alicia said...

It is so fun to see pictures of you guys. I love seeing the boys. They are such handsome guys. Stone Mountain looks great and so does having Mom fold your laundry. Lucky!