Monday, December 03, 2007

FHE Nativity

Real Quick....

So, I am not quite on top of my game yet since my vacation. I think it may be because Nathan and Jacob haven't gone back to school yet, so I don't feel like I am back on schedule. But, Monday got away from me without planning a good FHE lesson.

So....good ole computer guy Steve, found a wonderful little video for us to watch on the computer. We brought all the boys in our office (which is trashed like always) and discussed Christmas. The fun Santa parts of Christmas and then the real reason of Christmas and what we should be remembering at this time of year. Then we watched this video on youtube which is very touching to me.

For dessert we ate some fruity candy from our Advent!
Nana and Papa Hughes are suppose to come on Friday and we are so, so, so excited. They are coming to check out the Christmas Markets here, and I am happy because that will make me go to more than I would have otherwise. Plus we love their company and the boys are excited to see them again. So, I will see what I can come up with for next weeks FHE with company.

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