Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring Break campout

Wow! I love spring break. The weather is great, and there is so much to do. Our spring break started on Friday night with Swing Into Spring! That is opening night of spring sports where the teams get to run through a tunnel, there is food and bounce houses, and then it all ends in fireworks. We have three boys playing sports this spring, and it has already proven to be almost too much for me. On Friday night Jacob and Nathan both played their first Soccer game. This is the first time our family has played soccer. So, Nathan runs ahead of us to get to his game on time, and when I get there everyone is looking at me. They wanted to know where his shin guards are. What?? I know nothing about any shin guards! Well, he can't play without them. Great, so there is my first mistake. Well, the coach comes up with this brilliant idea that maybe one of the other teammates can just switch with him when she subs them out. Sounded good to me. The problem was the girl she asked to share had these guards that you have to take shoe, and sock off to slip them off of her foot. So I am taking her shoes off and putting her guards on Nathan when she says to me. "I think I need to go tell my Mom". OOPPS! I turn around to a Mom on the other side of the field looking at us with a "What the CRAP" sort of look on her face. So I quickly finish switching then run over to her to explain. I said he would just wear them for five minutes and then I would switch them back. That was embarrassing.
Right after that Jacobs game started on another field. So for the rest of the hour I was running with a two year old between the two games, not really being the supportive parent I should be for either of them. Steve was working late that night so he could make up for time he lost to go to school. He did make it for the ceremonies though. I am just going to have to be better at having three kids in sports I guess. :)

Even after that frustration I took the boys on a fantastic camping adventure Monday morning with two other Moms in our ward. No Dads! Not that we wouldn't have loved to have the Dads, they were just all busy with work. We had 3 Moms, 12kids (including 3 in diapers) and 2 young women with us. The kids did an amazing job at starting the fires. I got the hot spot of cooking over the fire which I loved. And I would say we ate pretty dang good during our trip.

The boys hard at work putting up our new 3 room tent. Love the tent! Hate the set up.

This is Nash, a 9 year old boy that stayed with us the whole time. He was awesome!Hot Dogs one night.
See the lake just behind our campsite. We spent some time letting the kids swim and fish there.

We ate lots of smores
Let the kids chop some wood
There was also a playground right next to our campsite which was wonderful. The two year olds stayed busy there.
We went on a great one mile two hour hike
The lovely brown river. This is pretty much how all the lakes and rivers in Georgia look.

We had such a great time and I am so happy that I have friends who are brave enough to go camping. :)


bskin25 said...

Wow, you are brave! The camping looks fun, but like a lot of work. It would be so fun to go with friends though.
3 kids in sports. Extremely time consuming! We just did that(dav and blake basketball, kea dance). I learned why a lot of people go through drive-thrus for dinner, and spent about 2 months in my car.

Sue said...

The camping trip looks wonderful! SO MANY PEOPLE! 3 boys in soccer was when I said that our family doesn't do soccer. Mostly because I was doing scouts. I never even put the girls in.

Kristin said...

Gotta love spring break! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Roger said...

It is a hassle sometimes, but your sons will remember these times together.
PS I hate soccer.

Alicia said...

I can not believe you took all those kids camping. And that you had such a great time and would do it again. And that you set that huge tent up! Awesome. You are awesome. I am so impressed. Good job. You are definitely your mother's daughter. Camping sounds so good to me right now. The food especially. Mmmmmmm. Glad you had fun! Your boys are so lucky to have you as their mom.