Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nathan's 7th birthday

Nathan is now the big 7! It is so fun watching the boys grow up, even if they do seem to be getting harder to handle. :)

Nathan had a very fun birthday yesterday, and is looking forward to a great birthday party on Saturday. In fact he is inviting everyone he sees to his party. Even when I am standing right there, and I say no we can't invite that boy we already have too many people coming. He proceeds to tell the boy "K, the party is on Saturday, it is at my house, my address is..., my phone number is....." The whole time I am standing there saying as politely as I can "He can't come, please stop telling him all of our information!" Like my Mom says, I think our children get too good at tuning out Mom's voice.

Anywhooo. For Nathan's birthday I brought chocolate cupcakes to his class. I spent all morning making these darn things because I have only one muffin pan that holds six muffins. I needed 24 and they take 20 minutes to cook. So I finally get to the school, and we all enjoy our cupcakes. N had told the whole class about his birthday party so all the girls were asking me if N can't have girls at his party. Which I politely told them that is right.

When we were done with the cupcakes I signed Nathan out early so we could go to the book fair, and then he would come home with me just half hour early. At the book fair the Primary president from church was volunteering and talked to N about his birthday. She asked him what he wanted, and he said I just want a dog! Well he has been asking for a dog for about a year, but I am holding off one more year until he is eight and Steven is almost 10, so that they can do the bulk of the work for the dog. Nathan knows this, so there was no surprise. But when we got out to the car, he started bawling saying "I want a dog, I want a dog. This is the worst birthday ever!" Wow! He got to spend a little time in his room for that tantrum, and a warning that his birthday may have to be cancelled.

Well he calmed down in the afternoon and enjoyed his day. We went to Ryan's for dinner which is all the boys favorite (including Steve). Then we came home for presents cake and ice cream. Perfect birthday.

He got a card with $$ from Aunt Kristin and Uncle John.

He got a card with $$ from Nana and Papa, and got to talk to them on the phone yesterday.

He got a very cool nerf gun from G and G Allred, and got to talk to grandma.

And from Steve and I he got a Star Wars Leapster game. (That is a good replacement for a dog isnt' it?)

So now we look forward to his party on Saturday. I think we are going to build a fire and do hot dogs and I gotta think of some fun games to play.

7 wonderful things about Nathan that I love.

1. He is very considerate of others. He doesn't like to see people hurt or upset, and tries to defend them when he can. Including when Steve or I is getting one of the other boys in trouble for something and there is Nathan telling us why we shouldn't be mad at them.
2.He is a very lively excitable boy. Yes it can make things hard when he needs to sit still, but when it is time to have fun, he is the one that can make that happen.
3.He is a smart boy. He is a fantastic reader and continues to get A's on his report card. The behavior side of the report card has some marks, but the grade side is right where we want it.
4.He is excited to start soccer this year. He has never played, but is really looking forward to running around and kicking the ball. Perfect for him wouldn't you say.
5.He is really enjoying scouts and did great in the pinewood derby. So great in fact that he wants to have car races at his birthday party. :)
6.He is my most cuddly child, and I love that. Days can go by without me really touching Steven and Jacob (except for kisses goodbye and to bed) but if Nathan is needing a hug, he just comes up and gets one. Along with saying "I love you Mom." What a great quality in him.
7.He is maturing so much (FINALLY). I have been excited for Nathan to mature a little bit just to keep him out of trouble, and keep me from being frustrated with him. He stays out of trouble at school for themost part and seems to make better choices in general. We are not completely there yet of course. The bus driver had to talk to me the other day because he won't sit down on the bus even after being told ten times, and he got in trouble in primary because he wouldn't sit down and shut up, and was turning the lights on and off in the primary room. But.....we are making progress.

LOVE that Nathan!


Kristin said...

Awww! Why can't he just have a dog already? LOL Just kidding. Our kids know, too, that we aren't getting a dog for a very long time! Glad he had such a great birthday! Happy birthday little Nafers! We miss you!

Sue said...

What a wonderful Birthday Nathan had! I am so happy that he is 7! I love learning the little tid bits about his personality.

laura said...

Happy Birthday! We thought about him on 03/03. I tell my kids they can have a dog when I'm not cleaning up anyone elses poop. That should hold us off for a few more years.
Party games- I highly recommend the straw dart game we played at Davins. Especially if you're outside. OR we made the greatest finger rockets at Scouts yesterday that are super easy and super cheap. Me or mom can get you instructions on those.

Roger said...

Keep progressing.

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!! As soon as I saw 03/03 I thought of him. It looks like a great birthday even if he thought it was the worst. That is hilarious. I was also laughing at him inviting everyone to his birthday party. Good luck with that. Better buy a lot of hot dogs! A fire and hot dogs sounds just about perfect for a bunch of boys. Nathan is so cute. I can't wait to see him again and get to know his 7 year old personality a little bit.

Natalie said...

Sounds like a great birthday! It made me laugh that he was inviting everyone to his birthday party. Too funny.

Sue said...
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