Sunday, January 17, 2010


We enjoyed Brandon's santa outfit so much last year, I thought we could make it last one more year!

Christmas was wonderful as always....

Steve got a new Telescope from Santa and some massage oil from me.

I got $$ to go towards my trip in April to visit Jessica in NYC for her birthday and a popcorn maker from Laura that I think is going to be so much fun.

Steven also got the telescope from Santa, and he loves his pocket knife from Mom and Dad and the science kit that G&G Allred gave him
(One of the projects in the science kit)

Nathan got a remote control plane from Santa and some other random presents. For some reason that boy never plays with what he gets for Christmas.

(Nathan is using his foot to get into that present)

Jacob got a bake oven from Santa, and a top secret bank from G&G Allred that he loves. It has to detect the right voice before it will open, and Jacob loves that it won't open for anybody but him. His password is "YES".

(This is his SpongeBob snow cone maker he got from the Seraydarian's. The boys have big plans for a snow cone stand this summer.)

(The three older boys got guns from Nana & Papa. We are really going to turn these boys in to hunters.)
Brandon got a really cool ride on toy from Santa that is big enough for all the boys to use. That was my favorite Santa gift.

We had so much fun opening presents, eating quiche and then sleeping on Christmas Day. It was very enjoyable. And I am getting used to it just being "us" for Christmas.


laura said...

That picture of Brandon as a "naughty Santa" is offensive.
Other than that, your Christmas looks great!! Have you made popcorn yet? We really love ours, although i will admit to using real butter on it.
That science kit for Steven looks cool. Has he done all the projects yet? Perhaps that could be his next blog.
My dream is... one day to spend Christmas all together.

Steve said...

Laura, We would love to have your family here for next Christmas. Start planning it now.

Kristin said...

Oh I'm so glad Jacob likes his present! And Brandon is absolutely adorable in his Santa outfit. You should totally save it again for next year! I can't wait to see THAT picture!!! Haha!

The Stewart Littles said...

I can't believe how big your boys are getting. Wow, and we bought Chrissy and Jake a popcorn maker for Christmas too!! I hope you have a GREAT New Years.

Roger said...

I would like to know how the telescope works out. I got one and it just made the dim stars into bigger dim stars.